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Why become a member

Why become a member of the Alliance of Health Care Assistants in Ireland?

What’s in it for you?

There are up to 80,000 Healthcare Assistants working in the Republic.  As a body, you are unregulated, have no national written scope or code of practice and no career pathway.  Yet you play a vital part in the delivery of the Health Services nationally

The Alliance is your independent organisation, listening to your voice with a view to supporting you in the development of your discipline.  Membership, for you personally in the short term, gives access to free courses for your continuing professional development, up to date news items and articles on our website. The Alliance, with a build-up of membership, is the organisation through which your discipline will seek regulation.   With regulation comes a code of practice and core scope of practice plus set standards of education and training, and a fitness to practice mechanism.

United as members of the Alliance we have a strong voice to contribute to the decision-making processes already in existence looking at the future role of the Healthcare Assistant.

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