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Stained Glass Window Panel


  • White paper on which to draw
  • Water colours and brushes or markers etc
  • A small amount of cooking oil
  • A thick black marker


  1. Draw the outline of figures, buildings, trees or flowers in pencil.
  2. Connect the figures etc by drawing shapes around and between them.
  3. Colour in the figures and shapes in strong colours using watercolours, pastels, markers or crayons.
  4. Outline the figures and shapes with thickish black marker.
  5. Turn the page over on to a sheet of newspaper and lightly paint the back with cooking oil.
  6. Leave the picture resting between two sheets of newspaper overnight to dry.
  7. Next day tape the picture to a windowpane with clear cello-tape.
  8. The oil makes the paper translucent

When the picture is taped to an inside window with a room light or lamp shining behind it the stain-glass feature of the picture is highlighted once darkness falls and the lights are switched on.