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Origami Flower

Origami Flower

Materials required

  • A square of coloured paper e.g. a sheet from a non-sticky post it pad.
  • An A4 sheet of coloured paper.
  • An A4 sheet of green paper
  • Pritstick or glue.
  • A scissors.


Take a square of coloured paper.

Fold the opposite corners to make a triangle and crease sharply

Open to a square again

Fold the other two corners together to make a triangle

Open to a square and fold one corner into the centre, crease sharply

Fold opposite corner to the centre

Fold final two corners into the centre until you have a smaller square

Fold the corners of this square into the centre

The square is smaller still

Fold the corners back so they peep over the edge of the square

Taking the inner 4 corners, lift them so they stand up

This is the basis of your flower

Cut a thin strip from the side of the A4 page

Roll it up

Place it on the palm of your hand and allow it to spring open

Glue one side of it and place it in the centre of the flower

Glue the flower on a page or card

Cut a strip from the side of the green A4 page and stick on as a stem

Cut two more strips, roll them up, place on your hand and allow to spring open.

Press both sides of the roll with thumb and finger and stick on the card beside the stem