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Orgami Butterfly

Origami Butterfly


One A4 sheet of card (strength 160gsm.)



When working with origami it is important that you start with a perfect square of paper or card and the creases you make in the paper are razor sharp.

Cut a square from the page by bringing the top edge of the page to the opposite side make a triangle, ensuring there is a perfect point at the top.  Cut off the excess card

Open the triangle and bring the opposite points together form another triangle, crease the base.  With the point of the triangle away from you catch the base gently on either side of the centre and press gently

With the pressure the four points of the triangle will open away from each other.

Bring the opposite sides together forming a smaller triangle and crease down the centre of the triangle.

Place this triangle flat on the table with the base next to you.  Bring the upper point on the right side up to the top point and crease, now bring the upper point on the left side to the top point and crease.

Turn the whole triangle over on the table and turn the base of the triangle up to just below the top point.

Turn the whole piece over again.  Run your thumb or forefinger under the flap on the right side bringing the tail down while at the same time the edge turns in

Crease the edge that has turned in.  Repeat the same action on the left side

Turn the whole piece over again on the table and turn the small triangle at the top over the edge and back on itself.  Catching the head and body close to the centre with both hands bend the two sides away from you so that the wings come together evenly and crease down the back.

You now have a butterfly but there is no body between the wings.  Catch the head and while holding it pull back the wings so that they meet with the head and body between the wings.

Butterflies can be made any size so long as you start off with a perfect square. If you are making tiny butterflies to decorate cards or boxes it is better to use paper of 80gsm strength.   This is the strength used for typing.

Walls mirrors, windows etc may be decorated with butterflies and patterns may be painted on them or you may use patterned paper to make them.