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Mrs Murphy


  • Patterned fabric
  • Matching thread and sewing needle
  • Lace 2cm wide and long enough to go around the edge of the smaller circle of fabric
  • Scissors
  • Marker with fine tip
  • A dinner plate and a small tea plate or saucer
  • Polyester fibre (found in pillows)
  • Circle of stiff card approx 5cm in diameter
  • ½ a pipe cleaner
  • 2 cocktail sticks
  • Fine wool
  • 1 teasel or fir cone
  • 4 small beads and glue
  • A tweezers
  • Plastic coated garden wire
  • Pliers/secateurs (optional)


  1. Place the fabric flat on a table wrong side up.
  2. Place a dinner plate and a saucer side by side and upside down on the fabric.
  3. With a marker outline the plate and saucer on the fabric
  4. Cut out the two circles of fabric

The Body

  1. Run a long double thread around the edge of the larger circle of material
  2. Pull the thread to half close the circle and form a pouch
  3. Cut out and place the disc of card in the bottom of the pouch
  4. Take a handful of polyester fibre and place in the pouch until it is quite full and firm.
  5. Pull the threads closing the pouch and tie the threads but do not cut.
  6. Cut a short piece of lace and sew it on one side of the body as an apron.   This is now the front.
  7. Cut a tiny hole in the fabric of the body slightly above and on either side of the apron.
  8. Cut a pipe cleaner in half and run it into the hole on one side of the apron and out at the other for hands.
  9. With the two cocktail sticks, cast on 8 or 10 stitches and knit 6 or 8 rows in stocking stitch as seen in the photo.
  10. Leaving a long piece of wool attached to the knitting make a small ball.
  11. With needle and thread put a few stitches through the ball to hold the wool in place.
  12. Stitch the ball to the body on one side of the apron and place the cocktail sticks in the hands 13. Tiny beads can be attached to the ends of the cocktail sticks with glue.

The Hat

  1. Stitch the lace around the edge of the smaller circle of fabric.
  2. Run a double thread around the edge of the smaller circle of fabric and pull until half closed.
  3. Take a small amount of polyester fibre and place in the back of the hat

Attaching the Head

  1. Balance the fir cone or teasel on the body and tie it on with the loose thread used to form the pouch.  This thread will be towards the back of the head and the front will be inclined to lift up.
  2. Place the hat on the head and pull the threads of the hat to fit it closely around the head and tie.
  3. With needle and thread discretely stitch the sides of the hat, by the lace, on to the body.   This pulls the front of the head into position and stabilises it.


  1. Cut a length of garden wire with pliers and wrap it around a pencil to make the spectacles.
  2. Trim off excess wire and place on the face.
  3. With a tweezers pick up two beads (eyes) and dip them in glue before putting them on the face through the spectacles.
  4. You can add a bigger bead for a nose if you wish.