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Decorative Boxes


  • 2 Sheets of A4 coloured card 160/180gms strength
  • Scissors
  • Glue


  1. Choose two pieces of A4 card, the same colour
  2. To make a square bring the top edge of the card down to the side edge of the card ensuring that the two edges are flush and there is a perfect point at the top. Crease along bend.
  3. Cut off the piece below the triangle, now you have a square.

  1. Open the card up to a square and bring the opposite corners of the square together, crease along the base of the triangle
  2. Where the two crease lines meet is the centre of the square.
  3. Bring each corner in to the centre of the square and crease along the base line. Now you have a smaller square
  4. Bring the two opposite sides in to the centre of the square and crease the base line

  1. Open up those two sides and bring the opposite sides in to the centre and crease the base
  2. Stand these two sides up and pick up the opposite points of the triangle and pull out to each side
  3. The four small squares in the centre are the base of your box.
  4. Cut the paper on each side of the triangle as far in as the base on one side and the same on the other side.


  1. Stand the folded sides up and tuck in the flaps, you can now see the frame of your box
  2. Fold the triangles on each side over the ends of the box, down the inside and on to the base of the box.

You can cut a square the size of the box base and place it in the bottom of the box.

  1. This is the lid of your box. The base of the box is made in exactly the same way except trim about one third of an inch off the initial triangle as the base of the box must be slightly smaller than the lid.

Decorations for Box Lids

Decorate your box lids with shapes made from thin strips of the coloured paper.  You may also use sunflower seed shells or the shells of cashew nuts.  You may have some ideas of your own to add to this.


  1. Off cut thin strips of card to make the shapes.
  2. Seed/nut shells, beads or pasta shapes
  3. Tweezers
  4. Glue

Roll narrow strips of card between your fingers to make a tight circle, Release the circle so it springs open then pinch one side of the circle to make a tear drop shape; press both sides of the circle to make an eye shape.  To  make a spiral S shape roll one half of the strip of card  up tight and release so it springs open then roll the other half of the same strip in the opposite direction and release.