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Cut Out Method

This method is clean and simple.  Paste photocopied figures on to card and cut out.   The card from cereal boxes or shirt packing can be used.

You Will Need

A large cardboard box,

Large sheets of sugar paper or lightweight fabric in black or brown.



Roll of Cello tape

Paints –watercolours

A thick black marker

Ice-pop sticks or pipe cleaners

Cooking oil


Card from cereal boxes

Sheets of white A4 paper

Green potted plants for foliage

Straw or pet bedding


The Stable Take a large cardboard box.  Cut off the flaps around the opening.   Cut a window sized piece out of the underside of the box.   Turn the box on its side and line the inside with flat pieces of sugar paper glued in place.   Cover the outside of the box with rucked/scrunched sugar paper, glued on, to give the effect of rough stone.  Avoid covering the window with sugar paper.  Cover the floor of the stable with straw.   Place the stable in its permanent position and place potted plants of greenery around it with some cuttings of holly and ivy.


The Window

On the A4 sheet of paper draw a rough pattern of shapes linked together.   Paint each shape with a different colour.  With the thick black marker, draw around each colour to give the effect of leaded stain glass.   When dry lightly brush the back of the page with some cooking oil and leave overnight to dry.   This is the stained glass for the window.   The oil gives it a transparent effect. Stick it to the window in the back of the stable.  Place the back of the stable facing a window so that natural light can shine through the stain glass window on the stable or place a lamp behind the stable to get the full effect of the colours in the window.

The Figures Photocopy the figures from a child’s Christmas story book, on to an A4 sheet of paper.    Adjust the size to suit your purpose.   Paste the A4 sheet on to card and cut out.   Paint the figures and stick an ice pop stick or a double piece of pipe cleaner to the back so that it comes down below the hem of the robe.   Soften a piece of plasticine to use as a base on which the figure will stand by pushing the end of the ice pop stick or pipe cleaner into it.

You could also hold a piece of A4 paper to the back of the figure as you cut it.    As you stick this paper to the back of the figure, stick the pipe cleaner or ice pop stick between the two layers.   Then paint the back of the figure which can now be viewed from both sides.

These figures won’t stand on the straw so stand them on the base of the stable and place straw around them.