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A bit about the AHCAI….
Who we are: We are the National Membership Organisation set up by Health Care Assistants, for the benefit of Health […]
A brief history of the Alliance of Health Care Assistants in Ireland
Written by our Chairperson Anne Marie Lee I am a retired Public Health Nurse and since retiring I have taught […]
President Kennedy once said “Don’t ask what your country can do for you but, what can you do for your […]
Continuing Professional Development
Education is essential to carrying out your role efficiently and safely. The best performing Healthcare Assistants will be those with […]
Past and Current Practice in Elder Care
The care of older people in rural areas in the past was carried out by and seen as the responsibility […]
AHCAI Conference News
We held our first conference on Saturday 9th February.   It went off extremely well. The conference was opened by Anne Marie […]
AHCAI Conference Update
We have annouced 2 more speakers for our Conference: Joseph Musgrave Chief Executive, Home & Community Care Ireland (HCCI) Joseph […]
AHCAI Conference
Working to build a better future for health care assistants The Alliance of Health Care Assistants in Ireland are holding […]
The word ‘vocation’ and its connotation are frowned upon today because they were abused by the authorities in the past.  […]
The Yule Log
The burning of the Yule log was an ancient pagan tradition   I’m not sure that it has any Christian significance […]