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A Dream
Here is a dream with great potential for the care of older people into the future.  We would love to […]
History of HCA’s
There were no professional nurses in Ireland in the early 19th century, in this period nursing was left to women […]
Coping With The Panademic
Healthcare Assistants you are in front of the front line.   You must take care of yourselves. Photo by Dylan Nolte […]
The way to advance in your career and to prepare yourself for the future development of your discipline, is through […]
Elder Abuse
ELDER ABUSE IN IRELAND IN THE 21ST CENTURY Photo by Jeremy Wong on Unsplash We believe that we are a […]
Birth begins life and death ends life and ‘that’s life’.   Each birth and each death are unique regardless of the […]
It has come to our attention that some service users receiving care in their own homes have been cancelling the […]
Hand Washing
Hand Washing Advice For Healthcare Assistants Keep fingernails short, do not wear artificial nails to work. Remove rings, watches and […]
Moral Distress
Moral Distress and the Healthcare Assistant Anne Marie Lee Working in any area of healthcare we come across moral distress.   […]
When you join the alliance of Health Care Assistants, we have a range of courses available to our members for […]