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Cork Conference

The Alliance of Health Care Assistants in Ireland held its second conference in the Kingsley Hotel in Cork City on Saturday 9th February. The title of the conference was ‘Working to Build a Better Future for Healthcare Assistants’   Many positive moves are being made to improve the discipline of the Healthcare Assistant and have it recognised and respected as a career in its own right.  We were inspired by the excellent speakers informing us of a new way of working in the hospital setting through mindfulness; of the progress of the apprenticeship program for HCAs which is in the pipeline; our HCA spoke on dignity in care and we had an input on the work of the Wheelchair Association.  So much is happening through the AHCAI, don’t be left out.

We would like to know why we had so few attendees.

Was it because:

  1. Of the storm Jorge
  2. Of the Corona virus which had arrived in the country
  3. You didn’t hear about the conference
  4. You thought it would be of no interest to you
  5. Some other reason

We would be most grateful if you would contact us on info@ahcai and let us know.

When we have information for HCA’s we would like to be able to make direct contact.

If we had the name and email address of one HCA in each workplace, that person would get the occasional email to keep you and your colleagues informed.


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