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A bit about the AHCAI….

Who we are:

We are the National Membership Organisation set up by Health Care Assistants, for the benefit of Health Care Assistants, and those for whom we care.

We formed a not-for-profit company CRO 572079 in 2015 and became a registered charity CR116067 this year, 2019.

Aims and Objectives:

  • Working towards making the healthcare Assistants role a recognised and respected discipline in all sectors of the Irish Health Services.
  • Creating a career path within the discipline
  • Having a national standard of prescribed education/training for the different levels of the discipline.
  • Having registration and or regulation with a set scope and code of practice at each level.
  • Using the above to offer better, safer health/social care to an ever-increasing cohort of the public and
  • To create a career attractive to existing Health Care Assistants, people looking for a change of career, and all of those thinking of starting their journey in healthcare.

Achievements and Ongoing Objectives:

  • Creating a voice for Healthcare Assistants
  • A website to:
    • Better inform AHCAI members and the general public of events within the industry.
    • Provide information on jobs, courses and apprenticeships within the sector.
    • Provide free training videos and information for members.
    • Provide a platform for discussion and support for the Healthcare Assistants community.
    • Provide a bank of Activity Ideas to occupy care recipients, which members can share and add to.
  • Keeping Health Care Assistants informed of what is happening in the sector through the AHCAI website, Facebook and Twitter.
  • Continuing Professional Development (CPD) courses, available free of charge for our members, which include a certificate of course completion.
  • A code of practice developed for our members.
  • Information and support provided for Healthcare Assistants.
  • Job advertisements from our sponsors.
  • We are involved on a consortium of the private healthcare sector producing a two-year apprenticeship course for Healthcare Assistants which we hope to have up and running in the first quarter of 2020. Healthcare Assistants have been involved in the planning of this course from the beginning.  If you would like to register your interest please visit the web site
  • The very first AHCAI conference was held in Dublin in February 2019, we hope to bring this event to Cork in 2020.

 Your role in all this

  • This is your membership organisation.
  • You can have your voice heard through AHCAI
  • You can become a member, be elected on to the Council, form interest groups around the country reporting back to the Council and much more.
  • Inform and guide us in improving the standard of care given to the public.
  • Share your ideas on improving the standard and variety of training required for the role.
  • You have a voice through AHCAI, make use of it for the good of all.


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