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Moral Obligations
HCAs work closely with their patients/clients and have access to their health records.  Under State Law and moral obligation, the […]
The majority of residents in nursing homes today are Irish and have lived all their lives in this country.  This will not always be the case as non-nationals, […]
Why the AHCAI?
The majority of HCAs who have been told about the Alliance of Health Care Assistants in Ireland (AHCAI), and have […]
A stern face is off-putting. A person who is moody and unpredictable is difficult to approach. The approachable person smiles, […]
Tactful people are careful not to hurt the feelings of others. They can often defuse a confrontational situation by their […]
Hobbies, leisure activities and physical exercise may be carried out alone or with others. They benefit the older person because […]