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who we are

The Alliance is a not for profit company limited by Guarantee established by interested Health Care Assistants.
The Alliance will engage with organisations, institutions, individuals and wider society to influence and shape policy and inform debate surrounding the care of clients.

Registered Charity Number: CR 116067
Not for Profit Company Limited by Guarantee: CRO Number 572079


To provide resources and leadership for Professional Healthcare Assistants, to shape the caring profession and healthcare provision today and in the future.


Our mission is to advance education and to promote, assist, encourage and develop a culture of the highest quality of care within the Health Care Profession for those in care and the wider community.

what we do

Benefits for The Health Care Assistant

The Alliance will provide advice and direction on policy and how it affects or impacts you as a member of the multidisciplinary health care team.It will provide information on how to access continuing professional development and career advancement opportunities.
It will provide a forum to share best practice and identify issues and opportunities which the Alliance can work on your behalf to address.
The Alliance will act on your behalf to positively influence policy through raising awareness.
The Alliance will work to ensure that the role of a Health Care Assistant is acknowledged as a valuable member of the multidisciplinary team.

Benefits for Individuals and families

The Alliance will promote the provision of high standards of care while maintaining your dignity, respect and confidentiality at all times.Work with you to ensure that you maintain optimum independence and autonomy.Work to provide person centred holistic care. Develop a supportive, collaborative partnership with you and your family.
Act as a voice and advocate on your behalf.
Promote the continuity of care in the healthcare setting and in the home.
Promote the creation of an environment where every individual has access to: Safe Care, Quality Care, Equal Opportunity
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